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Programs & Services

Studies have shown how important communities are to the overall well-being of each individual who participates. A strong community benefits the individual, the community as well as the greater society. People of all ages who feel a sense of belonging tend to lead happier and healthier lives, and strong communities create a more stable and supportive society. 

At this particular time, all programs and events will be facilitated using volunteers from the community. Most events and programs held in the past have been quite successful with using volunteers, with each one knowing that they are being of service to a great community and its residents. Since there are no programs in our immediate area, most volunteers are residents who live in Viola and each one brings different aspects to the project through their life’s experience and work history which blends in well with the residents who live here.

Events and programs will be evaluated on a monthly basis through committee meetings to help ensure that the needs of the community are being met. A calendar of events along with data collection will help determine which programs have the highest percentage of involvement. 


The programs we intend to implement are:

  1. Health and welfare checks on the elderly by providing programs to assist seniors in our rural area that would help monitor nutrition, physical activity, blood pressure checks etc. Possible partnering with health clinics in nearby towns to provide:

    • Health Immunizations

    • Nutrition & Physical Activity Classes

    • Injury Prevention

    • Health Fairs: Partnering with local health agencies to provide brochures and health education, Vital Records & Health Statistics

    • Senior Meals

  2. By partnering with the Moscow Rural Volunteer Fire Dept., Latah County Sheriff’s Dept., The Red Cross and others we can offer classes and events such as:

    • Resident Safety

    • Disaster Preparedness

    • First Aid

    • Fire Awareness

    • AARP Drivers Ed

    • Blood Donation Drive



  • A large gathering area for:

    • Voting

    • Charity Events

    • Quilting & Sewing Classes

    • Wedding Receptions

    • Wakes

    • Boy Scout & 4-H Meetings

    • Community Meetings: Monthly meetings to help keep the pulse on the needs of the community

    • Community Gathering for arts, education, recreation, celebration, and locally‐based human services in order to increase opportunity for personal and collective growth in our community.


  • Reading program for small children

The development of early literacy skills through early experiences with books and stories are critically linked to a child's success in learning to read.

  • A "Dedicated Playground Area" for small children​

Playgrounds provide a means for adults throughout a community to interact with members of all ages within a community, enhancing connection, citizenship, and community welfare, instilling a culture of support and engagement.​

  • Football & Soccer practice fields​

Playgrounds are classrooms for social and character development, improving the overall mental and physical health of young people through activity and social interaction.

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