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Review the Draft County Wildfire Prevention Plan

Please see the message below from Latah County, Department of Disaster Services:

“Attention All Latah County Residents, municipal and rural. The County Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is available for review.

Wildfires are a growing risk to communities across the US. We have seen an increase in the number/severity of fires in Latah County over the last two decades. One recent fire was close to Moscow and the Palouse Mountain Range. The Idler's Rest fire was a wake-up call to the likely possibility of severe fire in this delicate watershed, as well as the entire county. In order to access Western States Grant funding to help mitigate wildfire risk, a plan must be submitted.

The draft of the County Wildfire Prevention Plan(CWPP) can be viewed here:

Please take a look at this document and make comment via email to Mike Neelon, Latah County Disaster Services: by May 8. Comments will be reviewed prior to presentation of the draft CWPP to the Latah County Commissioners for their approval.

With your input, the committee and Commissioners can feel secure in a well-honed document to support our wildfire preparedness. Please do your part!”

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