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Harvest Exchange

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

**** UPDATE: Oct 16 will be the last harvest exchange for the 2023 season. We will pick it back up in late spring. ****

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by your harvest this year, then please consider bringing some of your excess to share it with your community at the Viola Community Center during the Homesteading 4 Health gatherings on the 1st Monday or 3rd Monday. We do not have anyone to supervise a ticket system like we have had in the past so it will be on either a donate or barter method.

Donate: Unsupervised tables will be set up to drop off excess produce. Donors can check at the end and recoup any remaining products. Any unclaimed leftovers after 8pm will be collected by volunteers and either utilized, composted, or disposed of as appropriate.

Barter: Separate tables will be set up where community members can set up their goods and remain close by to barter or ensure even distribution as they wish.

General rules:

1. No money exchange.

2. If you are not going to recover your product, please limit the quantity to that likely to be adopted by the community or reasonably manageable for volunteers to take care of in the case that no one else takes it.

3. Drop off or have produce set up by 6pm. Doors will be open at 5:30pm.

4. Recover produce or take down displays by 8pm.

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