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COMMITTEE CHANGES – Newsletter Topic 2

Committee Changes – we changed our committee structure. We now have a dedicated committee just for fundraising – similar to other nonprofits. We also combined our Programs and Events Planning committees due to their overlapping nature. The full list of standing committees is now as follows:

Rentals & Marketing – Responsible for marketing and advertising the Center’s rental availability, managing the reservation calendar, deposits, tours, pre- and post- inspections, contract agreements and waivers. Deliver all revenue received from rentals to the Treasurer. Prepare and deliver gratitude correspondence for rental customers. Rental rate changes and rental contract policy changes must be submitted to the board for approval. Rental rates outside of the of the board-approved schedule must be approved by the board separately.

Fundraising – Develop and recommend fundraising concepts and goals to the board. Synchronize and lead the efforts of fundraising to achieve those goals. Prepare and coordinate gratitude correspondence for major donors.

  • Grants

    1. Coordinate with other committee chairs to develop potential grant projects.

    2. Write, submit, and track grant applications for projects that have been fully developed.

  • Fundraising events

    1. Provide a lead coordinator to the Events and Programs Committee for any distinct fundraising event sponsored by the Fundraising Committee.

    2. Ensure any fundraising event is planned, coordinated, and executed to be monetarily gainful.

  • Sales

    1. Develop an annual plan to integrate monetarily gainful raffle activities with other activities of the organization.

    2. Develop and execute a monetarily gainful annual plan to acquire and sell branded merchandise.

Events and Programs – Organize, promote, and execute public events, celebrations, and programs that achieve our charitable and educational purposes. Develop and execute outreach campaigns. Partner with government, non-profits, and schools to bring their civic, charitable, and educational benefits to our community.

Quilting Club – Continue the legacy, mission, and goals of the original Viola Community Club formed in 1923 to help the needy and do good wherever good may be done. Upkeep the quilting room in the community center. As able, assist with upkeep of the community center.

Property Maintenance & Safety – Responsible for general building and property maintenance, scheduling safety inspections, completing outstanding construction, and developing building, property, or landscaping upgrade projects.

Being realistic though, these changes are mostly just on paper. We currently don’t have an actual volunteer providing dedicated leadership to the fundraising committee. And most of the committees lack enough participation and help to be fully functional and meet the needs of our vision and mission. If you want to help out with any of the work we do, please contact or come down to any one of our monthly meetings normally held on the second Wednesday of each month.

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